Brainstorming ideas

The Audio-Visual Production project is to create a 90sec trailer video with a 5sec ident for the company. This week, an assignment specifications for the project were introduced. Groups had a choice to select one of the following options:

  1. Become the branding department for your company. Develop a clear and cohesive brand identity based on the game and assets you are creating.
  2. You are working as a fictitious company or experimental lab set 5-15 years in the future. Choose a product or service that your company/lab will sell, use design fiction to think about the type of company you might set up and what type of product or service it might offer.
  3. Find an existing game or VR project. It must have assets that are publicly accessible and usable royalty free. Your group must become a branding agency for the company, then develop a clear and cohesive brand identity based on the game idea. Create a trailer for the game that you have the assets for.

ANTIL Productions chose to focus on option number two, as it felt most relevant to our course (Digital Media) and it should help to further develop skills in this area, which can be later applied in the industry work.

The next step was to come up with ideas for the chosen project area, three of which were presented at the end of the session. For this, ANTIL members came together and brainstormed ideas. The following lists the results:


A mobile application to open a “door” (a digital teleportation portal) through which people could teleport to another place. This could be used in different scenarios. Imagine you are terribly late for a meeting, a job interview, or any other important gathering. All you have to do is pick up your phone, and tap/press the button. Now, you can walk through the digital door, and immediately walk out at the desired place. Similarly, when out in the fields for a run, you twisted your ankle, the product will help you get to the hospital almost in no time.

The teleportation to emergency services will be free, but the teleportation request (with a summary of the accident) will have to be confirmed by a nurse. This will disable people from using hospitals as transport station. To teleport for any other reason, users will have to pay.


“Fish Bowl”

In 10-15 years time the environment will get seriously polluted and possibly diseased. To survive, we will need fish bowl-like helmets technology that will protect us from the viruses. The helmet will consist of different technologies, such as connection to the internet and social media, 3D touch that would allow lovers to kiss without taking their helmets off, speakers, augmented reality, etc.



In the near future security will be automated and drones will be protecting your property. They will scan not only the gardens but also the inside of the house. If an unidentified person is found, the property owner has a specific period of time to respond whether or not they want the intruder to be neutralised.


Reliving memories

A chip to be implanted in the brain that stores all the memories and uploads them onto a cloud. People will have access to their saves at any time, and they will be able to relive those moments as if they were actually there. If they chose to, they can also shared these on social media, however this bring privacy issues, which has to be given more thought.


The top three winning ideas are teleportation, the fish-bowl, and reliving memories. At this stage, ANTIL Productions has to decide which idea is going to be chosen and developed further.

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