Project Scope and Moodboards

This week consisted of narrowing down the project ideas from the previous meeting, immediately the ‘Teleportation’ concept stood out to the majority of our group so we decided to roll some ideas around about how it could benefit humanity. Initial ideas such as Emergency Response/Transportation and Instant Holiday Destinations were instant favourites. We then began to do initial research to see how this idea is already represented in the media. Top results displayed the classic Star Trek “Beam me up Scotty” style teleportation chamber, secondly the film ‘Jumper’ advertising the ability to instantaneously move anywhere on the planet.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Sarif Industries Trailer was a great influence to draw from. It displayed how subtly technology – in this case prosthetics, can be merged with normal everyday life and even improve if required. We observed the filming techniques used in the production of this example and it was discovered that the apparent use of CGI of the prosthetic was in fact a highly detailed fabric sleeve. Not everything needs to be technical! The appearance of the advert’s ident was also noted, subtlety again was used to emphasise elegance and professionalism. We discussed options of following this style, possibly involving humour or even a mixture of both.

Subsequently we discovered many other films available to watch online that either include or are solely based on teleportation, providing abundant resources to draw inspiration from.

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