Brainstorming ideas for storyboards


For our trailer, we have decided to make the viewer feel a range of emotions, from curiosity to tension and happiness. Therefore, our trailer will include three different storylines, intertwined.

The first scene will include a runner, alone, in a field, surrounded by woods. They trip over something and injure their ankle and can no longer stand. That is when they remember the teleportation device and use it to get to the hospital.

The second scene will be about a person who is late for a work meeting. Having woken late, they get ready but later realise they cannot make it to work due to heavy traffic. They again use the teleportation device to get to work just in time for the meeting.

The third scene will present a business person who is working late and just before they are ready to go home, they are given an even bigger pile of papers to work on. They realise they are late home again, where their spouse and children are waiting. They decide to teleport home where they are welcome by a hug from their loved ones.

The third scene is probably the most powerful, as many people can relate to the hectic life an office job can bring.


Image uploaded from iOS(1)

Image uploaded from iOS

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On a later date, we have decided to change the second scene for a more dramatic one, where a person is in danger. Unaware of their surroundings, a person walks into a tunnel where two hitmen are ready to beat them up. The person is panicked and manages to escape the situation just in time.

The reason we have decided to change the scene is due to the similarity to the third one: both people decide to use the phone for a personal benefit.


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