Runner: Field near to town. For shots of city panning to runner.

Cabot Tower / Brandon Hill

Might be busy

Drone Policy: Yellow. Public Space – be careful.Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 14.42.47


Final location picked for runner scene is Stoke Park new UWE, as Brandon Hill did not fulfil the aim of the scene, which is meant to be in a middle of nowhere with no one there to help the runner. Brandon Hill being in city centre would be too busy.


The chosen location for the laboratory footage is UWE Robotics lab and X Block. The X Block will mainly be used for the busy businessman at work.


The tunnel scene will be recorded in the tunnel near Ashley Down road, which is less busy than the ones in city centre.



As Brandon hill was busy, we have decided to film the runner scene in Stoke Park. Being a big, open space field meant that we could use the drone to film most of the shot, which was helpful. It also gave the impression the runner was indeed alone and there was nowhere they could get help from.

The scene where they teleport to the hospital was filmed in the hallway of the Robotics Lab on a day when we didn’t disturb anyone by filming.

The entire scene with the business man was filmed in X Block. The “coming home” scene was filmed in one of the staff kitchens in X block with the approval of one of the lecturers whose office was nearby. We made sure not to intrude in a rude way and asked for permission.

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