The Script

Part 1 – Introduction – 20sec.


Time is the single most precious commodity in the universe. Current transportation is no longer an option for our ever-expanding race. We need something new.

Our years of research and dedication achieved the revolutionary. Introducing: Quantum teleportation. Instantaneous travel, with the click of a button.

Part 2 – User needs – 30sec.

RunnerI aim to be invincible. But I’ve come to understand that sometimes health can depend on time.

Office workerTime management is very valuable to me. Important meetings and loads of paperwork often take away the moments I could be enjoying with my family.

The one in dangerUnexpected things happen all the time. Quanntum is there for you when life makes it tough.

Part 3 – Product feedback – 30sec.

RunnerCritical assistance is not always available when you need it most. Quanntum gives me the power I couldn’t have before.

Office worker: I couldn’t appreciate it’s instant functionality more. Now, I can be done with work and back to my family within seconds.

The one in danger: There are moments when every second counts Quanntum works the magic. It is truly remarkable. Teleportation delivered to the palm of your hands.

Part 4 – Concluding the product – 10sec.

Narrator: So, do you still want to waste any more time?

Ident – 5sec.

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