Company, its product, and their logos – the meaning

We started the naming process of the app by creating a list of words related to teleportation such as transport, air, molecule, particle etc.. We then later translated them into different languages, hoping to make it sound more authentic. We came up with a list of names, such as:

  • Atlas
  • AuraTec
  • Celeritas
  • Cito
  • Eo Incorporated
  • Eox Industries
  • Orion
  • Project Lux
  • Helios – God who daily drove the sun chariot across the sky; sun god. There’s Helios Software, Helios Music, Helios Media Player, Helios Capital Management and Helios Heater.
  • Hyperion – Titan whose name means “he who goes before the sun”; Hyperion is a company that specializes in “business analysis software.” Also the name of a book publishing company. Hyperion Records, Hyperion Power and Hyperion Sound Design.
  • Velocitas International (Holiday transport)
  • Velox
  • Midas – King with the golden touch, who transformed all he touched to gold (Like the teleportation effect?)
  • InstaJump
  • CloudSurf
  • The Stratus Inititive

We experimented with a possible logo for Helios:


After a long debate, we ended up using “Air” as our app title due to it’s simplicity and the way it relates to teleportation in a different way than the others. Air particles move at a fast rate, travelling around in a seamless manner, just like our project gives people the option to. Air promises the world a revolutionary mode of transport that is as necessary in everyday life as breathing.

In a metaphysical way, the octahedron is the symbol for the air element and therefore we chose that as the product logo.

Company Title

As well as choosing a name for the app, we had a debate about the name of the company Air is created by. Using complex physics equations to teleport people from one side of the planet to another, we wanted a name that sounds trustworthy and as a long established physics laboratory. The took the word quantum and changed it, adapting it to our ideas and coming up with “Quanntum Dynamics”.

With this in mind, we created the company logo to resemble an atom.


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