Teleportation Device Concepts

Ideas and concepts for the physical device were generated by the team. Thinking ahead in the near future – as seen on the Guardians wearable tech news category This form of tech will play a large part of daily lives, embedding chips in glasses, jackets, shoes and watches.

We hope to demonstrate or subtly hint towards such technology in our production. The step towards making this become real would be to source essential tech. According to ‘Parks and Recreation’ the future for mobile devices includes adding opacity to the displays. Clear transparent sheets of glass / plastic are demonstrated using 3D interactive gesture based holograms.



We were able to source a sheet of clear perspex from the resource centre at UWE and laser cut a simple 6″ mobile device template.

Image uploaded from iOS(3)

The plan is to produce multiple devices like this that main characters and background actors can use while our filming production takes place. This can be adapted for large devices such as the foldable tablet Samsung displayed a few years ago.


Later in Post, with the help of Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects it will be possible to track the camera and overlay an augmented user interface to the clear perspex. This technique will be similar to the many video tutorials available for free online.

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