Mobile App Mockups

We designed the ‘Quanntum Air’ mobile application to reflect the process similar to Uber. Pain-free and simple to travel. The ‘Air’ functionality can be opened from the notification draw or widget areas to allow rapid emergency access when needed.

Travel is limited to public spaces only and similar to London’s underground network system – different lengths of travel are restricted to specific zones. Including discounts for long distance/regular trips and the addition of restricted zones, e.g Airports, Military bases and other private, government locations.

Once a location has been chosen the device will attempt to connect to the ‘Air’ network. ‘Air’ is built on the blockchain so it actively authenticates every transportation between the peer nodes. A minimum of 5 confirmations are needed for short range travel, increasing exponentially for further distances. If the request is accepted by the network the user is granted permission to teleport within the allowed timeframe.

An exception to this rule would be emergency travel – Implemented as the replacement for 999 services, it allows the user to travel to the nearest safe-zone. this mode enables the user to instantaneously teleport without a fee and only requires 1 confirmation (Provided by the emergency services across all bandwidths).

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