Sound recordings – 16 April

To record all of the sounds for our video, we booked a recording studio at UWE. We planned to record the voice overs, sound effects and some atmosphere sounds.

Recording voice overs

We practised the scripts and made sure we could say are parts in time with the video. We recorded each phrase a number of times and chose the best ones to use in the VO. Recording in the studio gave us isolated, good quality audio, which gives the voiceover a professional and authentic sound.

Recording sound effects

We had a list of all of the sound effects that were needed for the video. Each sound was individually recorded, by wathcing the video and timing the sounds to what is happening.

Some of things we recorded included:

  • Movement sounds. e.g. runner and businessman moving.
  • Footsteps, with different shoes and floor types such as carpets in the office and stone in the tunnel.
  • Picking up phone.
  • Doors.
  • Typing.
  • Chair push.

We also recorded atmosphere sounds for the runner, tunnel, and businessman, which will be used to give each location its own soundscape.

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